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3 Key Takeaways from nCino’s US Enterprise Executive Forum

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  • Learn what nCino’s Enterprise Executive Forum is.

  • At this event, we heard feedback from nCino customers, as well as had discussions about the future of products and solutions. Key themes included technology investment as a strategy, the benefits of a Center of Excellence and a “Buy, Build, Partner” mindset.

  • As we enter an increasingly volatile market, it’s important to have strong partnerships. Learn how your FI can leverage nCino to be successful in the current m

A few weeks ago, nCino hosted the US Enterprise Executive Forum in Dallas, Texas, an intimate gathering of executives from some of our nCino’s key enterprise customers.

The event featured compelling speakers, including Senior Analyst John McDonald from Autonomous Research, Tina Cartwright from U.S. Bank, and other key nCino leaders, who discussed strategies to help financial institutions drive shareholder value, how leveraging a Center of Excellence can improve adoption and ROI, the value of strong partnerships and the future of the nCino cloud banking platform. According to feedback from attendees, it was incredibly beneficial to hear where nCino is and where we’re going, especially in the current market.

The day started with the opportunity to hear directly from Pierre Naudé, Chairman and CEO of nCino, who shared nCino’s overarching vision and how we continue to march forward and execute on behalf of our customers. Below are some key takeaways from the event, so you can benefit from them, too.

Think of technology investment as an offensive strategy, not a defensive one.

While all attendees had some involvement in asking for technology investment or running transformational technology programs at their financial institutions (FIs), John McDonald, a Senior Analyst at Autonomous Research who has been ranked among the top US bank analysts for the past two decades, flipped the script and shared his perspective on how shareholders think about technology investment.

According to John, key decision makers are looking to reward institutions that are investing in tech as an offensive strategy rather than a defensive one. It’s not enough to simply to keep up with the competition or automate your existing processes; stakeholders want to invest in FIs that leverage technology to be truly innovative and find new ways to unlock expense efficiencies, create new revenue opportunities, drive customer retention, facilitate expansion, and protect themselves and its customers.

“Once they’ve made their investments, FIs shouldn’t be shy about their technology partnerships. Investors don’t always know what banks are doing until they say they’re doing it,” John pointed out, which is one of the many reasons nCino prioritizes sharing our customers’ stories through press releases, videos and on social media.

Drive adoption and increase ROI with a Center of Excellence.

Tina Cartwright, Transformation Strategy Executive at U.S. Bank, and Adam Beal, nCino’s Director of North American Delivery, participated in a fireside chat during theevent. Tina highlighted how the structure and maturity of the U.S. Bank Center of Excellence (COE), their passion and dedication for measuring ROI, and their investment in change management have led to significant success within the Minneapolis-based bank.

Tina tied the bank’s successful digital transformation directly to its COE. As she explained, the conversations the bank had with nCino at the very beginning of the process helped them plan, budget, innovate continuously over time, and maintain their competitive edge. Adopting and implementing nCino was a big change, yet theywere able to get their people on board, thanks to a defined change-management strategy and a powerful COE. “This is a continuous journey,” Tina said.

“Invest in it upfront and keep it going, so you can continue doing what you need to do and be successful.”

Solve market problems with a “Buy, Build, Partner” mindset.

In another popular session, Petra Sheaffer, Manager of nCino’s Technology Partner organization, shared how we think about our technology partners as an extension of the nCino platform and gave the audience valuable insight into how we solve problems in the market through a “Buy, Build, Partner” mindset. One way the nCino platform allows our customers to do more, Petra explained, is through a robust technology partner ecosystem. These partners, in concert with nCino, can enable FIs to enhance the customer experience, generate new revenue streams, and promote innovation and competitiveness.

These insights were echoed by nCino’s Matt Hansen, Chief Product Officer, and Chris Gufford, General Manager—Commercial Product, who dove into our Commercial LOS roadmap. As a true product company, it’s important to have open conversations with our strategic customer base and align roadmaps over multi-year periods. Hosting an open forum where attendees could share their feedback and engage in constructive dialogue was a valuable opportunity—for nCino, and for our customers.

As we enter an increasingly volatile market, strong partnerships are more important than ever. We’re grateful for all who attended nCino’s US Enterprise Executive Forum and made it such a valuable day.

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