Evolve into an Intelligent Enterprise

Optimize Decision-Making with Data-Driven Insights

Create a Predictive, Personalized and Proactive Banking Experience with nIQ

Reduce the time it takes to spread documents by 75% with Automated Spreading
Improve relationship profitability and implement intelligent pricing policies
Proactively manage credit and compliance risk
Effectively analyze the loan portfolio with industry-tested dashboards through Portfolio Analytics

Supercharging the nCino Bank Operating System, nCino IQ (nIQ), leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and analytics to empower financial institutions with data-driven insights and intelligent automation. Through optical character recognition technology, nIQ automates information gathering procedures, reducing manual data entry and transforming data into direct business value. By combining newly available data from digitalization, comprehensive industry data, and machine learning models, nIQ calculates and delivers credit risk and profitability insights to the right banker at the right time through nCino's end-to-end platform. By embedding intelligence into each process and decision, nCino empowers financial institutions to evolve into truly intelligent enterprises, accelerating revenue growth, improving operational efficiency, and effectively satisfying customers.

Transform Inefficient Processes with Intelligent Automation

Screenshot of Automated Spreading
Screenshot of Commercial Pricing and Profitability Scenario Creation
Screenshot of Portfolio Analytics

Reduce the time it takes to spread financial statements and tax returns by more than 75% while improving spreading consistency and empowering your institution to focus on insightful financial analysis instead of manually re-keying data.

Win more deals by providing different loan structure options to clients, execute pricing policies in seamless coordination with nCino's Loan Origination System, and maintain direct visibility into forecasted profitability and ROE at the relationship, deal, or loan level.

Efficiently analyze and deep dive into your loan portfolio with customizable, industry-tested dashboards and reduce regulatory scrutiny with ALLL/CECL and Fair Lending analytics.

Understand how intuitions can evolve from agile to truly intelligent enterprises by utilizing nCino's end to end platform to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time, resulting in efficient growth and effective risk management through true data driven decision-making.

"By automating data gathering and analysis, nCino also enables banks to leverage the data gathered across customers and undertake valuable analysis regarding, for example, vertical specific characteristics and performance."
Alenka Grealish, Analyst, Celent

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