Integration with LOS

Mortgage Analytics provides direct integration with loan origination systems (LOS), eliminating the need to build a data warehouse or hire developers, business analysts, and solution architects.

Insights & Analytics into Mortgage Lending Data

As a software as a service (SaaS), Mortgage Analytics can be accessed from anywhere. It equips you with needed insights to compare projections to actuals, monitor performance, define best practices, prioritize activities, and maximize productivity.

Delivering Benefits for Your Organization

  • Enables analysis of lead quality and loan pipeline

  • Identifies activities and team members needing more focus

  • Helps you define best practices

  • Helps maximize incentive compensation plans by tying compensation to performance

  • Provides tailored views of data for each team member

Powerful Modules

Mortgage Analytics has six modules that feature consolidated, high-level visualizations to provide quick views of important metrics and to help identify positive and negative trends.

Leads & Partners Module

Helps you analyze lead quality and maintain healthy pipeline

Pipeline Module

Tracks loan pipeline to assess what activities need your focus without logging in to your LOS

Performance Module

Helps define best practices and tracks who is doing what

Historical Trends Module

Summarizes five years of trend data

Production Module

Zero in on profitability and identify bottlenecks

Financials Module

Helps you maximize your incentive comp plans

See a Demo

See nCino in action and learn how the pioneer in cloud banking can help transform your financial institution.

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