nCino Loan Origination System

Why Customers Choose nCino

#1 - Workflow for Automatic Application Routing
#2 - Built-in Risk Management Tools
#3 - Customer Relationship Management
#4 - Auto Decisioning and Scoring
#5 - Secure Document Management System

Graphic Reinforcing Why Customers Choose nCino

A Complete End-to-End Commercial LOS Created by Bankers for Bankers

Embedded in the nCino Bank Operating System is the best in class nCino Commercial Loan Origination System. The nCino Commercial LOS employs automated workflow technology to control and monitor the various steps in loan processing as well as electronic document management to reduce delays and inefficiencies associated with paper documents. The nCino LOS system provides:

  • Real-time Application Management and Reporting
  • One-Time Data Entry with a Simple Interface
  • Internal Credit Checks and Credit Scores
  • Multiple Loan Products and Loan Types
  • Interfaces with Different External Systems
"For each day Square 1's loan closing time has been reduced using nCino, it has resulted in an additional $100,000 to the bank's bottom line annually."
Square 1 Bank

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