An Agile and Flexible ESG Solution

From the collection of ESG data, creating ESG assessments, and scoring policies, to generating ESG insights and reports, nCino’s ESG Solution unites employees, consumers, and third parties on a single platform to embed ESG management directly into their credit practices. 

  • Embed ESG practices into your existing lending workflows and overall credit lifecycle 

  • Capture data seamlessly and create assessments to build a 360° view of ESG credentials

  • Easily report on the sustainability of your portfolio

  • Utilize ESG insights to influence your lending strategy

  • Monitor and manage compliance more efficiently

Designed by You

A cloud-based solution that facilitates improved compliance and risk management and is highly configurable to your financial institution's ESG strategy

Harness ESG insights to influence credit policies and processes in a single platform.
Collect ESG data

at the customer, loan, and collateral level.

Embed ESG practices into existing workflows for a seamless experience.
Obtain a clearer picture of ESG credentials at the portfolio level.
Avoid fragmented ESG management through stand-alone solutions that increase decisioning time.
Customize your own ESG scoring methodologies and assessments.

The All-in-One Platform for Faster Monitoring and Reporting

Streamline ESG data collection and adapt ESG scoring, rating, or classification methodologies in line with internal policies. Monitor ESG performance across your portfolio and report to meet the need of your disclosure requirements.

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