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nCino's Document Manager

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Eliminate paper files and streamline workflow with nCino's Document Manager

Eliminate paper files
Reduce compliance risk
Boost efficiency
Optimize workflow
50% reduction in document prep time

As part of the nCino Bank Operating System, Document Manager eliminates expensive physical data storage and the need to reimage or transfer paper files to a disparate enterprise content management system. Leveraged across all lines of business, nCino's Document Manager is completely configurable, providing an easy setup process and consistent document naming conventions for quick identification, categorization and retrieval. By offering an integrated electronic repository for documents, nCino increases transparency of the existing production pipeline not only for banking employees but their customers, who can upload documentation on any device via the Customer Engagement Solution.

A One-of-a-Kind Customer Experience Across All Devices

iPad running the nCino Bank Operating System
Document Checklists

Lists of placeholders that display dynamically, allowing institutions to easily collect documents and track compliance.

Online Application

Enables financial institutions to configure applications to be completed online by customers and/or employees.

Visual Audit Trail

See time-stamped comments and actions logged on each document.

Standardized Naming and Versioning

Any document can be stored with a standardized naming convention, while versioning preserves each version.

Upload Options

Upload single or multiple files at once, through a variety of avenues, from drag and drop to sharing documents across business lines.

Customer Portal

A customer-facing solution allowing bankers and customers to interact directly in a single, secure digital space.

Document Preview

Quickly identify documents by previewing them instead of fully downloading them.

E-Signature and Document Preparation

With integrations to both e-signature and document preparation, document management has never been easier.

"Our level of Loan Document Exceptions dropped from 11% of outstanding loans to under 4% in less than 60 days as a result of using Document Manager. This was due primarily to being able to move the documents into its placeholder upon receipt and our loan ops team can immediately come behind and notify if there are any issues. In the past, there was too much time passing between parking and reviewing of docs and that lag made it more difficult for our bankers to go back to the customer a couple weeks later to clear up an issue. Now it is all happening within 24 hours."
Jonathan N. Krieps, North State Bank

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