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Open a Deposit Account in Four Minutes or Less

400% increase in online applications
Improve customer convenience with a fully digital experience
Expedite account opening times
Improve account growth rates and increase wallet share

As consumer expectations for simpler, more convenient and personalized financial service increase, financial institutions must create frictionless, user-friendly, digital experiences. With nCino's Deposit Account Opening, institutions are able to provide fully mobile-enabled customer service to engage existing and potential customers in the field through secure access on any device, anytime. nCino reduces paperwork, configures to meet compliance requirements and streamlines the deposit account onboarding processes to open an account in as little as four minutes or less. Customers have the ability to seamlessly start, continue and complete a deposit account application across any channel without having to enter the same data twice. Whether opening an account in-branch or online, nCino's transparent workflows and dynamic CRM allows financial institutions to quickly gain insight into valuable and individualized cross-selling opportunities while capturing and reporting on valuable deposit data. nCino's Deposit Account Opening solution offers a fast and simple application experience for both customers and employees, creating more opportunities to build stronger customer relationships across all business lines.

Delight Customers with an Outstanding Deposit Account Opening Experience

Devices using the nCino Bank Operating System to open a deposite account
Multichannel Consistency

Seamlessly onboard customers in-branch, on a digital device, or across multiple channels. Save and resume application progress without losing information.

Account Maintenance and Servicing

Quickly update product details, ownership and role structure, beneficiary information and ancillary services to adhere to unique business processes.

Needs Assessments

A framework for institutions to create custom KYC and CDD questions, profiling questions and product surveys for storage in a database.

Deposit Analytics

Dive deep into deposit portfolio analytics by product type, branches, maturity schedule, correlations and trends.

Online Deposit Account Opening

Allows businesses and consumers to fully open accounts online whenever, wherever, and on any digital device.

Ancillary Products and Services

Customers can apply for additional products and services including debit cards, savings accounts, overdraft protection and personalized checks.

Document Management

A configurable, integrated document repository allowing instant access to any document, incorporating any institution's policies.


Services include, but are not limited to: automated booking, credit reporting, flood services, document preparation and account funding.

"Partnering with nCino has allowed us to fulfill our mission to serve the needs of our communities by transforming our retail offerings on a platform that helps drive efficiencies and positive change throughout the bank."
Raphael Reznek, Chief Information Officer at Mascoma Bank

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