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nCino's Credit Analysis Suite

Turn a Complex Process into a Truly Efficient Operation

Up to 92% reduction in loan servicing costs
Streamline credit memo creation by up to 75%
Accelerate underwriting times by up to 91%
Advance efficiency with up to 77% reduction in loan cycle times
Up to 100% decrease in manual reporting

Today, credit management is under increased pressure to improve data quality and increase loan decision speed while also decreasing the credit risk for the financial institution (FI). nCino's Bank Operating System enables credit departments to accelerate growth, mitigate risk and minimize inefficiencies within an intelligent single platform. Built by bankers for bankers, nCino's Credit Analysis Suite seamlessly integrates credit analysis into the loan origination process to produce faster, higher-quality credit decisions. With the power of nCino's Automated Spreading, credit teams automatically spread financial statements and perform concentration analyses, providing employees the flexibility to focus on value-added activities for the institution. FIs no longer have to choose between risk mitigation and speed when determining a customer's creditworthiness. With nCino, book loans faster and better manage risk for the future.

Aquire Credit-Worthy Customers Faster with nCino's Credit Analysis Suite

Computer running the nCino Bank Operating System

Dramatically reduce errors and transform underwriting by automating the data entry and spreading of financial statements and tax return data.


Forecast future cash flows easily with speed and accuracy for analysis of multiple periods across financial statements.

Automated Decisioning

Automate loan processing and decision-making using customer, business and third-party data, configured to the institutions' policies and procedures.

Identify and monitor concentration risks within the loan portfolio using CECL compliant loss rate methods including static pool, vintage, migration, probability of default and discounted cash flow analyses.


Easily add, delete and manage loan covenants during the approval process and throughout the life of a loan.


Fulfill regulatory compliance policies as well as global, state and federal regulations.

Risk Rating

Ensure safety and soundness of the loan portfolio with user-defined risk ratings that allow management to assess credit quality, monitor problem loans and manage risk levels over the life of the loan.

Credit Memo

Consolidate and communicate details from a loan, collateral, covenant, related exposure, spreads and more.

Collateral Management

Track, report and configure workflows to associate with multiple asset types.

Commercial Real Estate Analysis

Enable employees to evaluate commercial real estate that customers own or are considering purchasing to analyze property performance.

Total Exposure

Equip financial institutions with the ability to view all relationships and their exposure at multiple levels.

Automated Policy Exceptions

Identify, record and track document and policy exceptions automatically to increase efficiency.

"The automation we get from nCino will be impact enough, but the bigger picture is having all parties work a loan from inception to finish in one place."
Annemarie Murphy, SBA Chief Operations Officer at United Community Bank

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