An Innovative Corporate Banking Solution

nCino's Corporate Banking Solution

Transform Your Corporate Banking Experience

Connect front, middle and back office on single platform
Seamlessly collaborate between deal teams
Reduce the effort of financial analysis and portfolio management
Expedite time-to-yes
Increase portfolio transparency and insights

Digital ambitions vary across segments, and naturally Corporate Banks have to provide a bespoke service to their clients. However, Relationship Managers (RMs), Underwriters and Portfolio Managers are still spending more than 40% of their time* on manual processes.

nCino's Corporate Banking Solution:

  1. Helps reduce the time RMs spend on manual tasks so they have more time to focus on clients.
  2. Connects the front, middle and back offices through a single platform.
  3. Gives clear portfolio visibility for RMs, Risk, Loan Operations and Portfolio Managers.
  4. Automates repeatable tasks such as Credit/Deal Memos and Financial Statement Spreading.
  5. Embeds regulatory compliance and procedures into the origination process.

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A Banking Platform That Delivers Efficiency

Desktop computer running the nCino Bank Operating System
Single Platform

nCino's platform offers easy-to-view pipeline analytics becoming the single source of truth for executives to view and manage CIB operations. Deal teams have a centralised data source for deal collaboration and detailed reporting including sector-specific exposure reports.

Portfolio Management

Analyse, track, manage and service multiple entities as well as loan performance to facilitate complex corporate transactions.

Credit Origination System

An embedded, best-in-class origination system for Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) lending designed to streamline processing, capture and apply policy exceptions, deal justification, and improve time to approval.

Credit Analysis Automation

A suite of tools designed to reduce the overall turnaround time for credit delivery and improve credit and risk assessments, mitigating risk in a timely and efficient manner.

Syndications and Distributions

Efficiently track, manage, and capture the complete deal record and distributions strategy from origination to booking, including transparency into sell-downs within a single platform.

Document Manager

A configurable, integrated central document repository that provides instant, digital access to any document to better enable employees and have a visual audit trail to reduce compliance risk.

Collateral and Covenant Management

The ability to create, store and manage collateral and covenants within the platform from booking to release, ensuring loan-to-value and security ratios are in line with overall credit policies. This includes automated tasks for reviews and actions triggered should the position deteriorate or change.

Total Exposure

Visibility and flexibility when defining exposure calculations, allowing deal teams to see exposure on the relationship and at the product level. Deal teams can also calculate exposure via households and connections, truly delivering a one-stop-shop to define calculations tailored to an institution's needs.

"By adopting [nCino's] cloud-based Bank Operating System, we can onboard customers more efficiently, deliver loan decisions more quickly, and respond more rapidly to customer needs, while remaining regulatory compliant. nCino's compelling proposition and innovative vision complements our forward-thinking approach and will help us focus on being a great bank for our customers, colleagues and shareholders now and in years to come."
Jonathan Holman, Head of Digital, Santander UK

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