Consulting Partners

nCino's consulting partners strategize in order to standardize best practices, exceed customer expectations and ultimately improve financial institution (FI) performance.

What is the nCino Consulting Partner Program?

nCino's consulting partners are a crucial part of driving innovation throughout the ecosystem, from R&D to Bank Operating System enhancements. Partners provide nCino with the ability to grow faster and utilize valuable resources more efficiently. nCino employs a rigorous process to vet partners and ensure optimal implementation and project delivery, ultimately benefitting the financial institution's adoption and usage of nCino. Consulting partners contribute to a leading partner ecosystem to help sell, market and deliver nCino solutions across the globe.

nCino Partner Types

For optimal delivery, the nCino partner ecosystem is segmented into three groups: Community & Regional (C&R), Enterprise Banks (EBU) and International. Financial institutions have access to a variety of partner skillsets, promoting alignment of the segment with the unique needs of each financial institution. Additionally, nCino leverages three different types of partners: Strategic, Implementation and Registered to accommodate specific customers needs.


System Integration partners deeply involved in the marketing, sales and delivery of nCino.

  • Invested in nCino through dedicated practices and/or Centers of Excellence (CoE)
  • Capacity for end-to-end implementations in the C&R and/or EBU space
  • Deep expertise in executing on complex business transformation initiatives

Actively performing nCino work for one or multiple clients.

  • Investing in nCino through certifying and dedicating resources and conducting joint go-to-market activities
  • Either focused on end-to-end implementation work or other nCino related services (testing, BAU support, etc.)
  • Deep expertise in both Salesforce and financial services

Future partners currently engaged in exploratory and knowledge-building activities with nCino.

  • Investing in nCino through a signed alliance agreement and active partnership discussion
  • Either focused on end-to-end implementation work or other nCino-related services (testing, BAU support, etc.)
  • Deep expertise in either Salesforce or financial services

Benefits of an nCino Partnership

nCino's partnerships team strategizes ways to meet partner needs, improve their performance and standardize best practices to boost customer satisfaction. Below are a few examples of resources available to better support customers and drive improved comprehension and competency.

  • Partner Group
  • Partner Newsletter
  • Joint Business Planning
  • Sales Collateral
  • Event Sponsorship Opportunities
  • PR Initiatives
  • Implementation Advisory Teams
  • Technical Documentation
  • Partner Performance Advisors
  • nCino University
  • Salesforce Training Orgs
  • Partner Academies
  • nCino Community
  • Partners Tab
  • Partner Roadmap Webinars
  • Partner Release Enablement

Partner Training and Certifications

Additionally, nCino's consulting partners have a wide array of tools at their fingertips to optimize success.


Partner academies are designed to provide nCino partners with the knowledge and hands-on skills needed to become certified and equipped to deliver the nCino solution. nCino offers both instructor-led and virtual academies with varying time commitments, depending on the type of training. For example, the e-learning trainings are self-paced, while instructor-led academies may have a duration of one week.


nCino currently offers eight certifications and partners are free to schedule and take exams at will. The following exams are currently available and can be taken either online or at a testing center of the partner's choice:
  • nCino Business Value
  • 201 Treasury Management Functional
  • 201 Commercial Banking Functional
  • 201 Retail Banking Functional
  • 201 Customer Engagement Functional
  • 301 Commercial Banking Configuration
  • 301 Retail Banking Configuration
  • 301 Customer Engagement Configuration

Partner with Us

nCino's robust Consulting Partner Program fosters strong relationships with many of nCino's banking customers to drive customer innovation. nCino prides itself in its selectiveness in choosing the most qualified partners to allow for tight control over how the product is sold and delivered. Consulting partners are a critical component of nCino's ability to advance customer value. Complete the form below and a member of the partnerships team will contact you shortly.