Measure and Manage Risk. Modernize and Monetize Opportunities.

nCino's Commercial Real Estate Analysis solution

Data-Driven Decisions with a Positive Return

Automated, efficiency-enabling workflow
Gain a detailed view of the entire portfolio
Structure historical and projected property cash flow
Assess property-specific and external risk

In the commercial real estate (CRE) industry, financial institutions (FIs) are looking to capitalize on profitable opportunities, while continuously monitoring risk. Additionally, corporations, developers and business owners are relying on their FIs to grant access to funding quickly. With nCino's Commercial Real Estate Analysis solution, FIs are able to serve commercial customers efficiently, while ensuring profitability in issuing CRE loans. nCino allows analysts and underwriters to evaluate a property's cash flow using multiple scenarios and accurately project net operating income to make decisions with certainty. Risk is easily mitigated by empowering institutions to create detailed reports of loans associated to properties, measuring performance and exposure. nCino's CRE solution provides FIs with the tools necessary to perform up front due diligence, while maintaining a 360-degree view of their portfolio.

Portfolio Management Has Never Been Easier

Screenshot of the nCino Bank Operating System
NOI Statement

Develop operating statements for profit producing properties to calculate future profits, customizable ratios and cash flow.

Rent Roll

Manage a customizable, detailed list of tenants for properties filtering down to rental income, terms of lease details, tenant concentrations and tenant rollover.

Sensitivity Analysis

Analyze a property's sensitivity to economic factors and its loan repayment ability by sensitizing it against single or multiple variables at once.

Project View

Gain a detailed, holistic view of all real estate collateral associated with any deal structure.

Construction Loan Administration

Monitor and manage construction loan processes through budget templates, draw requests, inspections and disbursements.

Financial Projections

Create multiple years-worth of projected NOI statements in a user-friendly environment with flexible, pre-configured templates.

"We selected nCino as the system to operate our bank because it streamlines operations and increases efficiency throughout the entire lending process."
Kevin Herrington, Chief Operating Officer at Franklin Synergy Bank

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