nCino Brand Guidelines

This collection of information and tools represent nCino's core brand guidelines for how the nCino brand should live, work and play.

Ever since nCino was founded we have worked to build a global company focused on innovation, reputation and speed, and symbolized by a ten billion dollar brand. Every employee, partner, customer and advocate represent that brand and are part of this incredible journey to transform financial services. The nCino brand is the visual representation of that journey and the guidelines and assets below provide the means to showcasing and representing the nCino brand.

Brand guidelines & media inquiries

Brand Assets
nCino's brand guide: logos, colors, typography, iconography, photography and brand guidelines.
Logo Collection
Looking for quick access to, and proper use guidelines for, our nCino Official Logo? Look no further!
Media Kit
Our approved media kit. The most up-to-date company information in one convenient download.

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