Bank Customers Under $1 Billion

nCino has become the platform of choice for community banks focused on empowering employees, operating efficiently and building lasting customer relationships.
Lewiston, ME
Asset Size
$986 million
Northeast Bank
“nCino's innovative and comprehensive cloud-based solution will help us provide superior service to our customers.”
Rick Wayne,
President and CEO
Raleigh, NC
Asset Size
$784 million
North State Bank
“With nCino, we are able to bring the idea of greater simplicity into the lending process. We’re closing loans more quickly and efficiently than before, and collaborating across our banking offices in a way that was not possible.”
Jonathan N. Krieps,
Executive Vice President and COO
Lafayette, CA
Asset Size
$724 million
California Bank of Commerce
“Instead of five disparate systems our people will have nCino up all day, every day; the Bank Operating System has all that they need, whenever they need it.”
Terry Peterson,
President and CEO
Four Oaks, NC
Asset Size
$720 million
Four Oaks Bank
“As the bank evolves, nCino evolves with us. It’s more of an ‘organic’ partnership with mutual goals. nCino seems to really grasp the fact that if we’re successful they will be successful, hence a true partnership and relationship.”
Rocky Herring,
Chief Credit Officer
Houston, TX
Asset Size
$705 million
Integrity Bank
“nCino was the cloud-based platform we needed to provide our borrowers with the quality service and quick capital they deserve to achieve their business goals, which in turn helps us also achieve our growth goals.”
Jerry Tarnopol,
Senior Vice President
Elberton, GA
Asset Size
$675 million
Pinnacle Bank
“nCino aligns well with one of our core values—to operate with an innovative edge.”
Shannon Fortson,
Chief Credit Officer
Ogden, UT
Asset Size
$668 million
TAB Bank
“In my 30-year industry experience, I have never seen a solution that streamlines loan production and management like the nCino Bank Operating System.”
Curt Queyrouze,
Overland Park, KS
Asset Size
$640 million
Bank of Blue Valley
“With nCino managing customer interactions throughout the loan's life in one place has eliminated duplicate processes, saving time and removing costs just from consolidating multiple systems.”
Bob Regnier,
President and CEO
Fernandina Beach, FL
Asset Size
$615 million
CBC National Bank
“Our manual processes were cumbersome, and reporting was a challenge; nCino will allow us to reduce timelines and provide quick, easy access to loan data across our bank.”
Durand Childers,
Executive Vice President
London, UK
Asset Size
£600 million
“As a younger bank with a fresh perspective, we saw an opportunity to provide superior banking services to our customers by forgoing traditional antiquated, siloed systems in favor of a new way of banking...With the nCino platform, we look forward to continuing our institution’s growth during this exciting time in the financial services industry.”
Francesca Gandolfo,
Chief Operating Officer
Tyrone, GA
Asset Size
$550 million
SouthCrest Bank
“The addition of nCino's Bank Operating System aligns with objectives to increase productivity and growth across broader markets as well as reduce operational expenses.”
Russ Holland,
Chief Operating Officer
Greensboro, GA
Asset Size
$494 million
“We have not only significantly improved the process and time associated with processing loans, but have also reallocated bank resources to be more effective and efficient.”
Rebecca Matthews,
Director of Special Projects
Victor, MT
Asset Size
$365 million
Farmers State Bank
“The timing of this new partnership with nCino dovetails perfectly with our increased focus on establishing new commercial relationships throughout our market area.”
Kay Clevidence,
President and CEO
San Francisco, CA
Asset Size
$233 million
Bank of San Francisco
“The ability to key in data just once and have that information securely available to multiple stakeholders from any device will be a huge time saver and boost productivity.”
Juanna Collin,
Chief Operating Officer