Introducing a new nCino monthly series: Innovative Leadership in Banking and Beyond

Join us for a virtual monthly series in which we talk to influential leaders from a range of industries and share their stories and experiences around digital transformation, company culture, marketing, branding and how the events of 2020 will shape the future of work.

The Timeless Tenets of Extraordinary Banks

Leaders play a key role in all industries, but they are especially vital in banking. In this episode, Morgan Housel and John Maxfield share lessons and anecdotes about leadership and decision-making accumulated over more than a decade of research.

Strengthening Your Brand Through Challenging Times

During uncertain times, branding has the power to make or break your business. In this live episode, Daymond John, Shark Tank judge and bestselling author, shares strategies that have strengthened his brand, and how leaders can apply the same powerful lessons to their organizations. *Please note, this recording has expired.

Cultivating a Winning Culture While Working Remotely

As employees adapt to working from home and leaders adjust to managing remotely, organizations are going through a multitude of unexpected and often challenging changes. One thing that should remain consistent and strong, however, is your company culture.

Why a Digital-First Approach is Key

The sudden shift to a digital-first environment has left some financial institutions searching for solutions to help them adapt. In this episode, industry leaders from Accenture share strategies to create a culture of innovation that embraces digital banking, empowers their employees, enriches the customer experience and enhances the bank’s brand.

Jonathan Row
Jonathan Rowe
Chief Marketing Officer

Jonathan Rowe serves as nCino's Chief Marketing Officer and leads the teams responsible for the company's global marketing, research, communications, branding and recruiting efforts. He holds an MBA from Babson College and a Ph.D. from the University of Auckland.