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May 14 - 16, 2019
Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, NC, USA
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Tuesday // May 14
Wednesday // May 15
Thursday // May 16
Tuesday // May 14
3:30 – 7pm
nSight Registration
4 – 5pm
Kickoff nSight 2019 with our inaugural Community Lounge Power Hour! This entertaining event offers an exclusive opportunity for connections, collaboration, conversation and hands-on demonstrations with nCino experts and other attendees. For a fun challenge, stop by each station to receive a special button you can wear proudly throughout the conference. There are 13 buttons - see if you can collect them all!
5 - 7pm
Celebrate the start of nSight 2019 in style! Whether you're new to nSight or a seasoned attendee, the welcome reception provides an excellent opportunity to connect with old friends while making new ones. This year, nCino's users, partners and employees will enjoy a picturesque spring picnic, featuring delicious bites, local craft beers, a signature cocktail sponsored by Accenture, fun lawn games and a few surprises! The welcome reception will be held on the lower level of the Raleigh Convention Center in Exhibit Hall A. See you there!
Wednesday // May 15
7 - 8am
Networking Breakfast / Community Lounge Open
8 – 9:15am
The Art of the (Im)Possible
Pierre Naudé - CEO, nCino
Featuring Special Guests
Raj Sedani – Senior Vice President, Technology Delivery Executive - TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®
Anthony Morris - Global Head of Banking, Salesforce Industries - Salesforce
Kristen Kennedy – nCino Administrator and MIS/Salesforce Coordinator – Ameris Bank
Tony Pica – Vice President, Business Services – Navy Federal Credit Union
9:15 – 9:45am
Travis Liebig – President & CEO, St. Louis Bank
In a world where speed and convenience continue to drive the decision of 'where to bank?', community banks need a new strategy to help them survive rapidly changing expectations and a new, digital landscape. By focusing their attention on their own unique advantages while also leveraging new technologies like the cloud, community banks can scale their technology initiatives, turn digital strategies into proven results and serve customers wherever and whenever they want to bank, quickly and efficiently. In this session, Travis Liebig, CEO of St. Louis Bank, will share how to instill a culture of innovation so financial institutions of any size - community, regional or behemoth - can meet their customers' needs through the right mix of personal touch and digital capability. By structuring your community bank using a speed and customer experience mindset, your institution will not only survive but thrive in today's world.
9:45 – 10:15am
Jim Burson - Managing Director, Cornerstone Advisors
Sam Kilmer - Senior Director, Cornerstone Advisors
Deposit account opening is at the top of the list of digital technologies that financial institutions will add or replace in 2019. However, in the rush to implement these projects, financial institutions make common mistakes, such as an insufficient focus on speed, ignoring cross-channel interactions, and deficient use of data, to name a few. In this session, Jim Burson and Sam Kilmer from Cornerstone Advisors will identify the most common mistakes financial institutions make in their deposit account opening and share how to overcome those issues for a frictionless customer experience that ensures loyalty and helps banks remain competitive.
10:15 – 10:45am
Networking & Refreshment Break
10:45am – 12pm
Trisha Price – Chief Product Officer, nCino
Kendra Tolley – Director of Retail Product, nCino
Emily Bogan – Director of Commercial Product, nCino
Jeff Hudock – Senior Product Manager, nCino
Tyler Cooper – Digital Solutions, First National Bank of Omaha
David Lucas - Managing Director, Head of Business Banking & Front Office Transformation, Santander Bank
The nCino Bank Operating System continues to evolve, solving complex business processes such as new customer onboarding, deposit and loan origination, and treasury sales. In this exciting product keynote session, leaders from our Product Development team and a number of nCino customers will share stories of success from across the platform. Learn how your financial institution can use nCino's latest features to enhance your brand, improve customer experience, grow deposits and get new products to market quickly and efficiently.
12:15 – 1:15pm
Networking Lunch / Community Lounge Open
1:30 - 4:30pm
Breakout Sessions / Community Lounge Open
1:30 - 2:15pm
Breakout Sessions
Are you effectively tracking your key success metrics? Do you want to be able to visualize your efficiency gains? Are you utilizing Reports and Dashboards to their fullest potential? This session will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to realize the true value of the nCino platform. By successfully leveraging Reports and Dashboards, you'll provide your financial institution with full transparency into the lending cycle, the ability to visualize efficiency gains and peace of mind around regulatory compliance.
Do your retail and small business lending processes feel too complex? Is it taking weeks to actually close and fund your loans? Are your customers turning to alternative lenders to get the money they need faster and easier? If you answered yes, this results-oriented session is for you! In this session, we'll cover strategies for improving your margins and profitability, bringing simplicity and consistency into your retail lending processes, and competing with alternative lenders. We'll also dig into the nCino retail lending solution and discuss the best ways to meet your customers' needs and expectations.
Did you know that Salesforce is no longer developing improvements for workflow rules? In this episode of Game of Processes, learn more exciting facts about process builder, how you can apply them to your financial institution's nCino users for your business process automation needs, and when to use process builder as opposed to other automation tools.
"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change." - Leon C. Megginson
In this unique roundtable session, attendees will be broken into peer groups for discussion and a group activity designed to highlight the three key ingredients needed for successful digital transformation: change management, culture, and investment. During the discussion, attendees will create a unique "recipe" that includes ideas, best practices, and real-life examples relevant to their specific institution.
The amount of change being thrown at front line lenders, underwriters and their support teams is unparalleled in a generation. Recognizing and embracing this, by putting your people at the center of the transformation, is the key to getting it right.
2:30 - 3:15pm
Breakout Sessions
In today's crowded and competitive digital ecosystem, having a well-defined digital strategy is more important than ever. But what exactly is a digital strategy? How do you define your institution's brand and create a customer experience that aligns with that brand? During this session, we'll take an in-depth look at the essential ingredients needed to create, implement and track the success of your institution's digital strategy. In addition, we'll share how nCino's Deposit Account Opening solution is a strategic way to create better customer experiences. Finally, we'll hear first-hand accounts from financial institutions whose digital strategies take the cake.
Implementing nCino is a significant investment at your financial institution. While there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach, there are several key ways to position your organization for success. In this session, three nCino-ites who have over 15 years of nCino experience, coupled with over 100 implementations, will share tangible actions you can take to help your institution achieve success and profitability. These actions include: building a balanced project team, finding executive sponsorship, establishing the right nCino administrator early in the process, sticking to standard nCino functionality whenever possible, and looking at your core data. After this session, your institution will be well-poised for implementation domination!
Flow is a powerful tool for declarative automation on the Salesforce platform. In this session, you will learn why you should use Flow rather than other options such as Workflow and Process Builder, and what the various elements of Flow can accomplish. This session will include examples of interesting and powerful applications for Flow, as well as a walkthrough of creating a Flow to automatically assign Permission Sets on User creation.
"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change." - Leon C. Megginson
In this unique roundtable session, attendees will be broken into peer groups for discussion and a group activity designed to highlight the three key ingredients needed for successful digital transformation: change management, culture, and investment. During the discussion, attendees will create a unique "recipe" that includes ideas, best practices, and real-life examples relevant to their specific institution.
Digital channels can provide an effective gateway to emotionally connect an organization to its consumers. Technology companies that are consumers' favorite brands not only have best-in-class digital capabilities; they also do a superior job integrating digital and physical environments and integrating both strategically to foster an emotional connection. For example, Amazon's digital prowess allows customers to discover, research, and buy products in minutes, while enabling its physical supply chain to efficiently deliver the goods. In this panel session with Deloitte and customers, panelists will share how institutions can merge the physical with the virtual/digital and "put the real in digital", resulting in superior customer experience.
3:15 – 3:45pm
Networking & Refreshment Break
3:45 - 4:30pm
Breakout Sessions
In Bain & Company's new survey of more than 133,000 banking customers, some 55% of US consumers are open to buying financial products from established tech firms like Amazon. In this session, we'll figure out why customers are so willing to defect from their main financial institution and learn how financial institutions can maintain their edge by integrating everything into a single platform solution, creating a seamless customer experience both in the branch and online. In addition, we'll hear from a panel of nCino customers about how their institutions have remained competitive and continue to thrive in today's changing landscape. Finally, we'll show how nCino makes it possible for your customers to open a brand-new deposit account in less than four minutes—take that, Amazon!
Preparing for successful adoption and continuous improvement after going live with the nCino Bank Operating System is one of the most critical activities a financial institution will undertake. This transition represents a paradigm shift in how to best support and take full advantage of a technology application, and organizations of all sizes have found that establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) is a key part of their success. In this session, we will cover the benefits, best practices, and considerations of establishing a CoE that can help drive the ongoing success of nCino at their institution.
"Knowing Your Customer" requires involvement from everyone within your financial institution, beginning with the customer onboarding process. During this session, we will present BSA/AML thought leadership through the lens of customer onboarding, including industry perspectives on the usage of automation tools and regulatory implications for BSA/AML failures. In addition, we will provide valuable tips and tricks for leveraging nCino's Bank Operating System to achieve a consistent and comprehensive onboarding workflow while improving process efficiency. As an added bonus, our session will also include a fireside chat with Navy Federal Credit Union regarding their implementation of nCino's Enterprise Onboarding solution.
nCino's Customer Engagement Solution empowers financial institutions to engage with their customers seamlessly, resulting in exceeded customer expectations and successful, long-term relationships. In this session, you will learn how to identify where and when you can streamline your business processes by leveraging the Customer Engagement Solution, the key factors needed to successfully adopt and implement nCino's Customer Portal, and the metrics needed to effectively measure your success every step of the way.
Learn how to expand the nCino Trigger Framework to meet your needs. Have you found complex customizations to your data model increase risk and reduce data integrity? In this session, we'll dive deep into the nCino trigger framework and enable you to take full advantage of its capabilities. You'll discover how we execute Triggers across multiple managed packages and control the programmatic execution of your own triggers. In addition, we'll teach you about helpful framework classes that ease custom trigger implementation. Join us, as we demystify the nCino Trigger Framework!
4:30 - 5:30pm
Swing by the Community Lounge for beer and wine while checking out product demos and getting hands-on support from subject matter experts.
6 - 9pm
A Night at the Natural Science Museum
*Transportation will be provided from the Raleigh Convention Center to the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences.
We're excited to host our evening celebration at one of the nation's most amazing museums about the natural world! All exhibits will be open, so you can network with your colleagues while you learn about natural treasures, explore coastal habitats, travel through dioramas and view the prehistoric skeletons of banks that did not transform in time. (Just kidding!) We'll also be serving delicious food, drinking signature cocktails and searching for a hidden bar – let us know when you find it!
Thursday // May 16
7 - 8:30am
Networking Breakfast
7:30 - 8:30am
Table Talks / Community Lounge Open
8:30 – 9am
Amy Brady - Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President, KeyBank
Financial institutions around the globe are working hard to update their legacy systems, turning to technology to improve operating effectiveness and the customer experience. To be effectively applied however, financial institutions need agile and adaptive workforces that come from diverse backgrounds. In this session, KeyBank's Amy Brady explains how they've enabled a future ready workforce to best support their most critical business priorities including digitizing the enterprise and advancing continuous delivery. By focusing more on building agile and diverse teams, your institution will be better equipped to identify the skills and expertise needed to compete in the future, and how to attract and retain people with those skills.
9 – 9:45am
Chef Robert Irvine – Food Network Star and Motivational Speaker
Robert Irvine, star of the Food Network's Restaurant: Impossible, loves a good challenge. On his show, he attempts to save failing restaurants that suffer from bad management, poor customer service, costly inefficiencies, and lackluster products. The concepts he discusses and executes not only apply to restaurants, but to virtually all industries. For financial services in particular, the current challenges the industry faces may seem impossible, but can be easily overcome with the right partners, tools and technologies. In this interactive keynote session, Robert will share experiences from his military service, his Food Network career and his charity work that illustrate how institutions and individuals in the financial services industry can face today's challenges and find limitless possibilities.
9:45 – 10:15am
Networking & Refreshment Break
10:15 – 11am
Moderated by Al Dominick - CEO, DirectorCorps
Neil Henderson – Head of Business Advisory, Macquarie Bank
Jonathan Holman - Head of Digital Transformation, Santander UK
Elizabeth Dobers – EVP, Executive Director, Business Banking, BBVA Compass
How are rapid technological innovations, the changing career aspirations of millennials and Gen-Z, and the current global political and economic climate changing the banking industry? In this session, leaders from global financial institutions share their opinions and insights on the forces buffeting financial services and provide a vision for the future of the industry to help you strategically move your institution forward.
11 – 11:45am
Nathan Snell – Chief Innovation Officer, nCino
Dory Weiss – VP of Engineering, nCino
Jason Shields – VP, Loan Operations Manager, Gulf Coast Bank & Trust
From the beginning, nCino has embraced a culture of innovation. True innovation isn't about racing to the next fad, but rather strategically developing new products while continuously enhancing existing ones. In this session, nCino's Chief Innovation Officer and leaders from our Product Development and Engineering team will highlight future advancements of the Bank Operating System and share how we've created a company culture that provides the foundation necessary for continuous innovation.
11:45am – 12:15pm
Thomas K. Brown – Founder and CEO, Second Curve Capital LLC
Banking is evolving dramatically, and as financial institutions look to grow profits while serving rapidly changing customer needs, it's important to understand the macro forces that will have the most impact on competitive advantage. In this session, Tom Brown, the founder and CEO of Second Curve Capital, will explore the trends that have shaped the banking industry and look ahead to the next wave of challenges and opportunities to leave you with tangible recommendations on how to derive successful outcomes for your institution.
12:15 - 12:30pm
Closing Remarks
12:30 - 2pm
Last Call for Community Lounge
*Light lunch will be provided
This is your last chance to get your questions answered, interact with nCino experts and see hands-on demonstrations in the Community Lounge before you head home! A light lunch will be provided, so stick around and make sure you have everything you need to bring the full value of nSight back to your financial institution.


Our dynamic speaker lineup includes industry experts and fearless innovators excited to share their knowledge and ideas.
Amy Brady
Chief Information Officer, Executive Vice President - KeyBank

Amy G. Brady is Key's Chief Information Officer, leading the company's Technology and Operations organization. In her role, Brady oversees all of Key's shared services for technology, operations, data, servicing, security and procurement. Technology and Operations is comprised of more than 5,000 individuals and plays a significant role in Key's ability to win in the marketplace by enabling the company's goal to build enduring client relationships through innovative solutions and extraordinary service. Technology and Operations delivers innovative technology to clients, such as mobile and online banking, and world-class operations solutions, including loan, payment and treasury services. Brady also serves on the company's Executive Council and Executive Leadership Team.

Prior to joining Key in 2012, Brady served as Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Technology and Operations, at Bank of America. In this role, she was responsible for technology and operations delivery for critical enterprise functions including Finance, Risk, Human Resources, Marketing, Legal and Audit. She began her career with Bank of America in 1987 as a banking center manager and held various leadership roles in Global Technology & Operations and Consumer and Small Business Banking before being named CIO.

Brady serves on the boards for the Achievement Centers for Children, Cleveland Leadership Center, Playhouse Square and the Case Western Reserve University Corporate Advisory Board. She is also Chair of the BITS Executive Board. She formerly served on the Executive Board of the Metro Atlanta YMCA.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018, Brady was recognized by American Banker as one of the "Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking", and listed among the "Powerful Women to Watch" in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Brady was recognized by Crain's Cleveland as CIO of the Year in 2014. She was a finalist for the Georgia CIO of the Year Award in 2013 and received the 2013 Ohio Glass Ceiling Award from the Ohio Diversity Council. In 2012, Brady was recognized by the YWCA of Atlanta as a Woman of Achievement and was a winner of WIT's "Women of the Year in Technology" in 2009. Brady is a member of Leadership Cleveland class of 2014 and Leadership Atlanta class of 2012.

Brady received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Music from Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla.

Thomas K. Brown
Founder and CEO - Second Curve Capital LLC

Tom Brown is the founder and CEO of Second Curve Capital LLC, an investment-management and financial-services advisory firm. Second Curve's investment unit manages several funds that focus on the financial services industry. Its advisory unit provides analysis of the financial services industry to banks and financial services companies.

Prior to starting Second Curve in 2000, Tom spent two years at Tiger Management as head of the firm's North American financial services team. Before Tiger, he spent 15 years as a financial services analyst at brokerage firms Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Paine Webber, and Smith Barney. During that time, Tom was consistently ranked as the top-rated regional bank analyst by Institutional Investor magazine's annual survey of investors.

Tom holds a B.A. in accounting and finance from Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio. He began his investment career in 1980 as an equity analyst at Kemper Financial Services. Tom is a native of the Chicago area.

Jim Burson
Managing Director - Cornerstone Advisors

Jim Burson specializes in strategic and Delivery Channel planning at Cornerstone Advisors. Jim helps clients achieve improved revenue performance and return on strategic capital. His prior experience includes chief revenue officer at a mid-sized bank, retail sales and strategy manager at PNC, consulting practice leader, analytics firm principal, and commercial banker.

Jim is a graduate of Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management and Eastern Illinois University. He is a nationally known and sought after presenter, speaking at events including American Banker, ICBA, BAI, and CUES. He stays Gonzo through playing in the dirt, classic rock, and quality time with his family.

Tyler Cooper
Digital Solutions - First National Bank of Omaha

Tyler Cooper has been in the Financial Industry space for over 10 years. His experience spans across Consumer Retail Branches, Operations, and Enterprise Digital Solutions. As a Product Owner for First National Bank of Omaha, he has established himself as a subject matter expert in the Digital Consumer Onboarding process where he combined customer behavior research, internal data analysis, and up-to-date industry best practices to create a successful customer facing automated onboarding experience utilizing the nCino platform.

Elizabeth Dobers
EVP, Executive Director, Business Banking – BBVA Compass

Elizabeth Dobers joined BBVA Compass in 2006 and is currently responsible for the management and development of business banking asset & liability products, digital transformation, and the bank's Small Business Administration unit. Dobers has direct P&L responsibility for the SME Commercial segment which covers companies from $1M-$10M in annual revenues. She also supports the Retail Micro Business Strategy for companies under $1M in annual revenues. Prior to moving to Birmingham in 2017, Dobers was located in Phoenix, AZ as the National Business Banking Sales Director from 2015-2017. In this role she developed & executed on the sales strategy for both the Retail Micro & SME commercial segments. She was responsible for lending, deposits and fee income production and growth within these segments.

Between 2010-2015, Elizabeth worked as the SME Segment Director in Birmingham to drive the SME strategy for companies with annual revenues up to $5M. From 2009-2010, she was the Regional Business Segment Executive in the East Region and responsible for the small business sales production of the Business Banking Officers and retail Banking Centers. From 2006-2009, she was the District Retail Executive in San Antonio TX, and was an annual Pinnacle Club winner in 2009. Prior to that, she worked in Wealth Management, Retail & Business Banking for Bank of America in Nevada & Arizona.

In her free time she enjoys interior decorating, boating, and spending time with her husband, daughter and 2 labradors.

Elizabeth received her degree in Communications from Auburn University, Auburn, AL. She also completed the BBVA/IESE Corporate Management Program in Madrid, Spain and BBVA Compass School of Management at University of Texas, Austin, TX. She currently has her series 7, 63 and 24 Investment licenses.

Elizabeth currently serves on the CBA Small Business Executive Committee, and is a Board Member of the Pacific Coast Banking School.

Al Dominick
CEO - DirectorCorps

Al Dominick serves as the Chief Executive Officer of DirectorCorps, a Nashville, TN-based media company that counts Bank Director and FinXTech as its two primary brands. In this role, he oversees the strategy, operations and financial performance of the privately-held company. A 1999 graduate of Washington & Lee University, where he was a four-year letterman on the varsity baseball team, he earned an MBA from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business. His financial and technology background includes positions with Board Member, Inc., Bank Director's previous company which is now part of the New York Stock Exchange, and Computech, a Bethesda, Maryland-based information technology firm now part of NCI (NASDAQ: NCIT). He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife, two children and one black lab. You can follow him on Twitter via @aldominick.

Neil Henderson
Head of Business Advisory – Macquarie Bank

Neil Henderson is the Head of Business Advisory - Business Banking at Macquarie Bank, and is responsible for Transformation, Strategy, Change and Commercial Management. Neil has worked in financial services for over 15 years in a range of insurance and banking roles including business management, finance and transformation. He has worked in both London and Sydney. He is also a director on two 'Proptech' boards. Neil holds degrees in Accounting and Human Resource Management, and is also a Chartered Accountant.

Jonathan Holman
Head of Digital Transformation – Santander UK

Jonathan Holman is the Head of Digital Transformation at Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking in the UK. He had a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a masters in Banking Practice and Management, in additional to professional banking and change management qualifications. He has held roles in transformation, relationship banking and run credit risk and operational teams, across 4 countries. He has developed innovative digital banking solutions which have won a number of global banking awards and acts as a thought leader in his role at Santander and amongst the Fintech / Regtech community in London.

Chef Robert Irvine
Food Network Star and Motivational Speaker

With over 28 years of culinary experience around the world, award-winning Chef Robert Irvine is best known for hosting some of the Food Network's highest rated shows including Restaurant: Impossible and Dinner: Impossible. Currently, Irvine is on tour with Robert Irvine: Live—an interactive culinary experience—hosts a video recipe series on BodyBuilding.com and is a regular guest on national daytime shows. Irvine is the author of Impossible to Easy and Mission: Cook, gourmet cookbooks for home chefs, Fit Fuel, a healthy living guide and Family Table, a balance and nutritional guide for families. In 2013, Irvine launched FitCrunch protein bars, brownies and powders followed by Robert Irvine Foods, a line of nutritional food products, in 2015. A tireless supporter of the nation's military, Irvine established The Robert Irvine Foundation in 2014 to support veterans and military causes. Irvine is the first celebrity chef to open a restaurant, Robert Irvine's Fresh Kitchen, in the Pentagon in 2016. In 2017, Irvine opened a Gold's Gym franchise in Largo, Florida and Robert Irvine's Public House offering elevated pub fare at the Tropicana Las Vegas as well as teamed with Boardroom Spirits as co-owner to provide 'better for you' spirits. For more information on Chef Robert Irvine, visit ChefIrvine.com.

Sam Kilmer
Senior Director - Cornerstone Advisors

Sam Kilmer specializes in advisory for fintech, vendors, and investors as well as strategic & delivery planning for financial institutions at Cornerstone Advisors. Sam's prior experience includes strategy, analytics, digital delivery, and marketing leadership at two midsize banks and two tech firms, most recently leading strategic planning, partnerships, and content marketing at Harland Financial Solutions.

Cited often in the industry press and a regular contributor to Cornerstone's GonzoBanker and Insight Vault, Sam is a nationally known and sought-after speaker and facilitator, including Financial Brand, BAI, and CUES. He studied at Regents College London and is a graduate of Ball State University.

Travis Liebig
President & CEO - St. Louis Bank

Travis officially joined Saint Louis Bank (SLB) as President and CEO in August 2018. Prior to joining SLB, Travis served as Market President of Arkansas¬based Simmons Bank, where he implemented a strategic initiative that transformed one of Simmons' recently acquired banks into one of its highest performing markets, successfully expanding Simmons' corporate brand and culture to St. Louis in the process. Travis began his banking career with Union Planters Bank, which was later acquired by Regions Bank, and spent 10 successful years working with large banks before being recruited by People's National Bank and later Simmons Bank. Liebig earned both his BSBA in finance and MBA from Southern Illinois University. He is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania's American Bankers Association Graduate School of Banking, where he also received the Wharton Leadership Certificate. Travis and his wife, Kristen reside in Richmond Heights with their children Jack and Abigail, and their puppy, Clover. Travis currently serves as Vice President of the St. Louis Men's Group Against Cancer and is an active member of the Young President's Organization - St. Louis Chapter, The Urban Land Institute, Fair St. Louis, and of the Clayton-Ladue Rotary Club, where he previously served as president. He is a graduate of the Leadership Clayton leadership development program, and currently serves as ambassador for the Clayton Chamber of Commerce. Travis has received honors for his philanthropic efforts and continues to seek different ways to positively impact the community in which he serves. A strong supporter of civic progress, he was named one of St. Louis' Top 100 People to Know in Business, was a finalist for the Missouri Bankers Association Young Banker of the Year and is a past-recipient of the St. Louis Business Journal's prestigious 40 Under 40 Award. Other interests include movies and fitness.

Anthony Morris
Global Head of Banking, Salesforce Industries - Salesforce

Anthony Morris is the global lead for banking within Salesforce Industries, Financial Services group. Anthony leads all go-to-market activities and industry point of view and brings over twenty five years experience in the industry having worked with over 200 banks across the globe. Anthony focuses on translating industry issues and futures to Salesforce solutions across both the platform, Financial Services Cloud and our partner ecosystem. He leverages his experiences across core banking, CRM, channels, originations, credit risk, analytics and AI to advise customers how best to leverage Salesforce to deliver on their customer and digital transformation strategies across a variety of business lines, segments and programs. Anthony has spent over ten years at Scotiabank in Toronto, Canada and led banking solution teams at Siebel, Infosys (Finacle), Chordiant and IBM (Visual Banker). Anthony is obsessed with the transformation of the Banking industry and working directly with customers. He has become a trusted advisor to many banks around the world given his experience, POV and engaging personality.

Pierre Naudé
CEO – nCino

Pierre Naudé is the chief executive officer of nCino, the worldwide leader in cloud banking. With over 30 years of financial technology experience, he is passionate about transforming the financial services industry through innovation, reputation and speed. Under his leadership, nCino has become one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the world. Today, nCino helps over 200 financial institutions increase efficiency, grow profitability and improve the customer experience. Prior to nCino, Pierre held leadership positions at S1 Corporation and served in various global senior management roles at Unisys Corporation. He holds a bachelor's degree in finance and management from Upper Iowa University.

Tony Pica
Vice President, Business Services – Navy Federal Credit Union

A native of Queens, NY, Mr. Pica's 30-year career in financial services began on Wall Street at Salomon Brothers. He has led business banking teams at Chase, Bank of America, and Capital One. Prior to joining Navy Federal Credit Union, he was the Group Executive for Commercial Lending at Capital Bank, headquartered in Rockville, MD. Throughout his years in banking, Mr. Pica's volunteer efforts have been spent assisting veterans through various organizations that include the United Way of the Capital Area, Boulder Crest Retreat and Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind. In early 2018, he joined Navy Federal Credit Union as VP of Business Services. This role has allowed him to combine his business lending expertise with his personal passion of supporting the Veteran community through providing "Best-in-Class" financial services to the Navy Federal field of members. Mr. Pica resides with his wife, Rosemary in Fairfax, VA.

Raj Sedani
SVP, Technology Delivery Executive - TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®

Raj Sedani is a multi-disciplined professional with expertise in application development, large-scale integration, and enterprise architecture in the commercial banking, brokerage, and wealth management domains.

At TD Bank, Raj has led and delivered the buildout of TD Banks's credit transformation journey. In that capacity, Raj led upgrades for all servicing platforms and the rip and replace of the loan-origination platform using nCino and Salesforce. He leapfrogged the ability for analytics and reporting by refreshing existing data stores and building a new Big Data platform across TD Bank's corporate, middle-market, and specialty banking segments. Earlier, Raj led TD Bank's payment strategy and platforms modernization—building out consolidated North American solutions to enable scale and operational efficiencies.

Prior to joining TD in 2012, Raj held various technology leadership roles at Citigroup Capital Markets and JPMorgan Chase, where he delivered brokerage and digital banking platforms.

Raj is from New Jersey and has an engineering degree in electronics. He is also a published author and has spoken at various industry events.

nCino University at nSight

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