Customer Story
Why Saint Louis Bank Chose to Partner With nCino
August 12, 2019

CEO of Saint Louis Bank, Travis Liebig, served as a community banker in the Midwest for nearly two decades and has held executive-level roles in multiple lines of business, including retail banking, private banking, small business and commercial lending. In the summer of 2018, Travis led a group of investors in the purchase of Saint Louis Bank, a community bank that specializes in lending to small to mid-sized businesses. Today, his focus is on positioning the young bank headquartered in Town and Country, Missouri, for long-term growth and success.

When Saint Louis Bank realized that manual processes within its loan cycle had become a barrier to delivering on customers’ rising expectations, the team sought a technology solution that could quickly replace paper-based processes with automated workflows. While the bank’s initial priorities included gaining accurate, real-time visibility into its loan pipeline and simplifying portfolio management and compliance efforts, it also wanted a scalable solution with inherent flexibility to support its long-term strategies and future growth.

Travis emphasizes the importance of picking the right business partners when searching for a new technology solution. When the team was on their quest for a new solution, they asked themselves whether they would want the potential partners on their team and if they would fit their culture, vision and strategic efforts.

He said, “The ideal partner places the customer at the center of every decision they make, not only in terms of the technology, but also in how that technology is implemented in the organization,” —a quality that Saint Louis Bank found in nCino.

With these business and partnership needs in mind, Saint Louis Bank selected the nCino Bank Operating System and not only gained the capabilities to address its immediate priorities, but also a scalable platform capable of supporting a culture of continuous improvement like the ability to quickly add on new nCino solutions and features such as Treasury Management Sales and Onboarding, Deposit Account Opening and Customer Portal.

By introducing new, leading-edge capabilities and efficiencies, nCino has been empowering associates at Saint Louis Bank with the tools to allow employees to focus more on serving clients and creating an optimal customer experience.

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