Optimizing Treasury Management Sales and Onboarding

This white paper explores treasury’s value to your institution, challenges faced during the treasury process and how onboarding strategy and technology can lead to accelerated time to revenue.
Elevating the Customer Experience and Driving Revenue Through Treasury Management
Authored By: David Kistler and Jenny Shearin
In today’s transaction-driven banking environment, providing an exceptional treasury management experience and service are key factors in creating value for customers. In order to optimize treasury’s value, financial institutions (FIs) have to embrace automation in their sales and onboarding processes.

An optimized and effective treasury management strategy can result in more satisfied customers and enable institutions to exceed their complex commercial transaction goals. Delivering true value as a treasury management partner comes with having your customer along with you every step of the way. FIs must think of treasury origination and onboarding from a digital and fully integrated perspective, where technology is easily managed by the institution and each stakeholder is seamlessly connected in the process, resulting in success and value for both the FI and the customer.