A New Age of Retail Banking

In this white paper, we discuss current trends in retail banking and what they mean for your bank or credit union. We also present solutions to help your financial institution transform the retail bank into a profit center and source of loyal, long-term customer relationships.
Weaving a Seamless Customer Experience – Online, In-branch, and Through the Back Office
Authored By Kendra Tolley and Ted Goldwyn
Retail banking is undergoing a transformation. Changes in customer expectations, accelerated by the rise of the millennial generation and the rapid adoption of new digital technologies, are forcing financial institutions of all asset sizes to reconsider the role of the branch and indeed the value proposition they offer their customers.

An inefficient back-office, saddled with aging legacy systems and poor integration across product and business lines, prevents many institutions from successfully adapting to these tectonic shifts in the retail banking landscape. Without the ability to capture a full view of the customer relationship, and respond to their needs and desires in real-time, banks will continue to lose an increasingly demanding and fickle customer base to their competitors.