Banking, Marketing and Big Data

In this white paper, we discuss how financial institutions are utilizing big data and analytics to drive revenue and manage the relationship with customers over digital distribution channels.
Banking, Marketing and Big Data: The role of big data and analytics in driving revenue while enhancing the customer experience.
Co-Authored by: John J. Maxfield and Jonathan Rowe, Ph.D., Chief Marketing Officer, nCino
Growing revenue, in a responsible way, without a regular infusion of capital has always been a vexing challenge for institutions. Data analytics offers a solution to growing revenue responsibly by giving financial institutions a tool to fortify their marketing efforts. Financial institutions are now using advanced analytics to drive revenue by picking, tailoring and automating highly profitable marketing campaigns.
Banks and credit unions have also found that big data plays a central role in the customer experience, specifically around the seamless digital experience that customers and employees alike have come to expect.
In this white paper, we discuss where financial institutions are at today with big data, success stories from institutions using big data to drive revenue and where the window of opportunity lies for those looking to leverage data and analytics to gain a competitive edge.