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Spotlight: Emmanuel Lambert, Digital Transformation Officer at CKV
November 24, 2020

Emmanuel Lambert is the Digital Transformation Officer at Centrale Kredietverlening (CKV), an independent family-owned bank that was founded in 1956 and has a presence in France and Belgium. CKV specializes in tailor-made solutions for mortgage-guaranteed loans for both private and professional purposes.

As a member of CKV’s executive team, Emmanuel is responsible for executing digital strategy and delivery, and leads a team of eight digital specialists. Emmanuel played and continues to play a crucial role in the digital transformation efforts at CKV and was on the frontline during implementation of the nCino platform at the Bank.

Before nCino, CKV was using 25-year-old legacy software solutions which led to inefficiencies and lacked the digital adaptability and modern capabilities that today’s consumers demand. Emmanuel’s role in implementing the nCino platform at CKV involved change management, which played a critical role to the successful transition from these legacy systems to nCino’s Bank Operating System, which helped the Bank accommodate the rapid changes within the financial services industry following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By partnering with nCino, we have been able to offer a more agile, reliable and personalized experience for our clients. Today’s consumers expect innovation from their bank and nCino is one of the most innovative platforms we have seen. With multiple product releases each year and continued enhancements to the platform, nCino delivers a high degree of innovation that will bring us many benefits today and well into the future.” – Emmanuel Lambert, Digital Transformation Officer, CKV

Emmanuel’s success implementing nCino has given the Bank the confidence to continue their digital transformation journey and they are continuing to implement more features and functionality of the nCino platform. Complementing nCino, CKV started implementing a new core banking system, which will act as a back-end system for nCino’s Loan Origination and CRM features.

In this Spotlight, Emmanuel offers insightful answers to questions such as:

  • What was your journey like with nCino and where are you today?
  • How has CKV benefitted from nCino?
  • What value does nCino provide your institution?
  • What advice would you give to other FIs who are deciding whether to build their own software or buy existing technology?

Download the Spotlight to read Emmanuel’s answers and learn more about his digital transformation efforts at CKV: nCino Spotlight – CKV

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