Natixis CIB Expanding its Use of the nCino Cloud Banking Platform to ESG Assessment
March 29, 2023

nCino is pleased to share that Natixis CIB is extending its use of the nCino cloud banking platform and will leverage ESG capabilities of the solution. nCino’s solution will help Natixis CIB assess the ESG risk of each customer, credit facility, and corresponding collateral across all industries in its portfolio.

As the demand for reliable, credible, and transparent ESG practices become even more critical to financial institutions globally, nCino can help unite employees, customers and third parties on a single platform to seamlessly collect ESG data, create impact assessments and scoring policies for greater data standardization and transparency. By embedding this process directly into the credit lifecycle, financial institutions are better equipped to manage risk, comply with regulations, and enhance their reputation with customers and investors.

To learn more about the growing importance of ESG and the benefits that it represents for financial institutions visit our ESG landing page.

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