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Idaho Central Credit Union Finds Growth in the Business Banking Space with nCino
January 25, 2023

Headquartered in Chubbuck, Idaho, Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) partners with nCino across multiple lines of business to support its growing, wide-spread customer base. When ICCU expanded its offerings and services to include business lending, the Credit Union eventually found themselves constrained by their systems and data coordination. ICCU searched for a new technology partner that would enable streamlined processes, improve the member experience and allow the Credit Union to scale quickly. As the institution and its customer base continued to grow, ICCU chose nCino to replace its legacy systems.

In fall of 2019, the Credit Union implemented the nCino Bank Operating System within its business lending division. As the Credit Union grew, it expanded its use of nCino, implementing nCino’s Business Deposit Account Opening Solution.

“We wanted a system that was going to evolve and grow with us, specifically in the commercial and business space,” said Lance Hatzenbeller, Senior Vice President of Customer Services at ICCU.

Business Deposit Account Opening with nCino

Before partnering with nCino for business deposit account opening, ICCU used its core systems and manual spreadsheets in its account opening processes. The lack of workflow transparency and inconsistency in data collection led to a clunky member experience and an inefficient account opening process.

“The problem was that if we changed something in the account opening process, that change was not automatically reflected in the tracking documents and spreadsheets since it was all manual,” stated Hatzenbeller. “That, along with chasing down paperwork from the members, all made for an inefficient onboarding process.”

With nCino’s Deposit Account Opening solution, teams within the Credit Union have new streamlined processes within the cloud-based platform.

“With nCino, we are better able to serve our business members by providing them a “one-stop shop.” The experience is all in one place for them. They can open a membership and apply for a loan all in one go,” said Hatzenbeller.

Member information is now gathered only once and input into nCino, saving about 32 hours per month on auditing. The Credit union has added 1700 new members accounts with nCino’s exceptional onboarding experience.

As ICCU continues to grow, the added transparency Deposit Account Opening brings will be crucial in maintaining the level of dedication to serving its members the Credit Union upholds. To learn more about ICCU’s journey with nCino, download the Customer Snapshot now.

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