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How PeoplesBank is Implementing nCino to Serve its Small Business Customers
November 2, 2022

Amy Doll is the Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Banking and Lending Officer at PeoplesBank, a community bank headquartered in Pennsylvania and established in 1864. The Bank focuses on building strong relationships and delivering excellent customer service. With over 20 years of diversified banking experience, Amy brings invaluable expertise and leadership to the Bank and its initiatives.

Throughout PeoplesBank’s partnership with nCino, Amy has led the implementation of the Bank Operating System and additional functionalities, like the Small Business Banking Solution. Before implementing nCino, employees at PeoplesBank were entering the same information up to 37 times during the loan application process, frustrating both the lender and the customer. With nCino, the Bank’s processes are simpler and bring value to the customer faster.

“One of the biggest values nCino has had for us is the overall start to finish improvements. There have been huge improvements using nCino because we are getting it right throughout the whole processes instead of having to make small changes along the way.”
-Amy Doll, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Banking and Lending Officer at PeoplesBank

Small Business Solution Rollout

After PeoplesBank completed the initial rollout of the Bank Operating System, it began implementing the Small Business Banking Solution to zero-in on the small businesses it serves. Before implementing the solution, the Bank set a strategy for creating the ideal experience for both employees and customers, with the support of technology like the nCino platform.

“nCino has enabled us to address the unique needs of our small business clients and create a specialized banking experience that supports their goals and growth.”
Amy Doll, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Banking & Lending Officer at PeoplesBank

Learn more about how Amy Doll and PeoplesBank are leveraging the nCino platform to create meaningful, lasting relationships with customers of all sizes, while simplifying the process for employees as well, download Amy Doll’s customer spotlight now.

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