How Financial Institutions Can Embrace Change in Times of Uncertainty
March 30, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented changes to all industries, including the financial services. As financial institutions (FIs) navigate these changing times, it is imperative that they create and sustain a culture of change by adopting a change management strategy. Strong change management enables FIs to pursue transformation projects efficiently and sustainably by preparing employees for a potentially large shift before enacting it.
In the Bank Director webinar “How Financial Institutions Can Embrace Change in Times of Uncertainty,” Greg Thompson, Senior Director of Adoption Services at nCino, and Adam Bonanno, EVP and Chief Technology Officer at Bryn Mawr Trust share strategies for creating a culture of change at your institution, and tips to sustain that culture through uncertain times.
During the webinar, live attendees were asked a series of poll questions, including:
  • How has working remotely impacted your institution’s ability to serve customers or members?
  • From 2020 until now, how has your institution’s digital strategy shifted?
  • What is your institution’s top strategic business priority for the next two years?

Greg and Adam discussed the results from the polls in depth, which launched their own insightful discussions on the need for FIs to embrace change management. Greg devoted his time to explaining the important role change management plays in digital transformation efforts. He also shared the importance of preparing the people for the technology before it is ready to be implemented.

“Change management ensures that people are ready for the technology when the technology is ready for the people.” – Greg Thompson, Senior Director of AdoptionServices at nCino

Adam focused his discussion on the implementation strategy of change management, and how to get your team in agreement. He explained that for an institution to undergo a digital transformation, the people must agree with and be excited about the change, not forced to comply with a change they had no say in.

“There is a big difference between change done to you and change done by you.” – Adam Bonanno, EVP and Chief Technology Officer at Bryn Mawr Trust

Following their discussion, Greg and Adam answered a round of questions during the Q&A section of the webinar.The questions explored gaining stakeholder buy-in, setting an effective tone from leadership, integration with external providers and nCino’s change management strategy.

To listen to the entire conversation, download the on-demand webinar now.
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