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How Arrow Financial Corporation is Blending Relationship Banking with Digital Processes
November 16, 2022

Marc Yrsha is the Executive Vice President and Director of Relationship Banking at Arrow Financial Corporation, a multi-bank holding company headquartered in Glens Falls, New York. In his Relationship Banking role, Yrsha oversees the retail banking network and business services and helps the company realize its goals of meeting customers wherever they want to be met.

To do this, Arrow has had to find and invest in innovative tools that enable them to serve their customers as efficiently as possible.

“Having good partners that we can rely on is important. We’ve had a great relationship with nCino.” Marc Yrsha, EVP, Director of Relationship Banking at Arrow Financial

During his time with Arrow, Yrsha has led multiple nCino projects, including:

Arrow started their nCino journey with nCino’s Commercial Banking Solution, moving away from paper-based processes to increase speed, efficiency and transparency. Since then, Arrow has expanded their nCino relationship to include nCino’s Small Business Solution and nCino’s Paycheck Protection Plan Solution.

Arrow’s most recent project was its Deposit Account Opening implementation, which gives customers the ability to apply for and open a loan anywhere, at any time. The solution went live in only three months, which the institution attributes to lessons learned in previous implementations. Yrsha said their key takeaway was that it’s not enough to simply buy the technology. You have to put people, and put resources and strategy behind it as well.

nCino allows Arrow Financial to offer digital experiences to customers while maintaining strong human-to-human relationships that are vital to the Arrow culture. The Bank believes it’s important and beneficial to have personal processes (such as a welcome phone call) behind their digital offerings that bring a human connection to the account opening experience. This strategy seems to be working.

Since implementing nCino’s Deposit Account Opening Solution, Arrow has seen a 280% increase in accounts opened, without the help of any marketing efforts.

As the industry continues to evolve, Arrow plans to pivot accordingly with their use of nCino to continue to serve their customers well. To learn more from Marc Yrsha about the transformation efforts at Arrow, download our latest customer spotlight now:

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