From Agile to Intelligent: The Future of Financial Institutions
November 13, 2020
A financial institution’s ability to interact across departments and with customers digitally and efficiently is what being an agile enterprise is all about. However, being an agile organization is only one step toward something even more powerful: the intelligent enterprise.

Shifting customer expectations, changing regulations, and new technologies are challenges that all financial institutions collectively face. Leveraging artificial Intelligence (AI) to become an intelligent enterprise can help institutions overcome those challenges by looking beyond surface data to capture deep, valuable and meaningful customer insights. This includes everything from robo-advice to next product recommendations and anti-money laundering compliance and fraud protection.

With the intelligent enterprise, financial institutions can provide the right information to the right person at the right time, empowering them to make timelier, data-driven decisions that are key for both efficient growth and effective risk management.

One way nCino helps financial institutions achieve the intelligent enterprise is through nCino IQ or nIQ.

Supercharging the nCino Bank Operating System, nIQ leverages AI, machine learning, and analytics to empower financial institutions with data-driven insights and intelligent automation, aligning their employees in real-time by fusing every business process and every line of business with data-driven insights and intelligent automation. By combining newly available data from digitalization, comprehensive industry data, and machine learning models, nIQ calculates and delivers credit risk and profitability insights to the right banker at the right time through nCino’s end-to-end platform. By embedding intelligence into each process and decision, nCino empowers financial institutions to evolve into truly intelligent enterprises, accelerating revenue growth, improving operational efficiency, and effectively satisfying customers.

In this on-demand webinar, industry experts share how AI and powerful analytics can transform the way financial institutions operate, how to satisfy the changing expectations of consumers, and how to automating financial spreading across all lines of business can deliver greater speed, transparency efficiency across your institution.

To learn more about why the intelligent enterprise is the way of the future and how nCino can help financial institutions meet both their agile and intelligent enterprise needs, watch the webinar now.
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