Digital Without Disruption: Strategies to Handle Today’s Top Banking Challenges
October 26, 2021

Financial services and banking organizations have always faced unique challenges, and today’s environment is no different. With a current economic climate shaped by uncertainty thanks to the ongoing the pandemic, the acceleration of consumer-driven demands for “digital-first” experiences, and competition from challenger banks and fintechs mounting, many institutions are searching for new ways to reshape or reinforce their strategies.

In this webinar, experts from OwnBackUp and nCino, with added perspective and research from Salesforce, discuss some of the top digital challenges confronting the banking industry today. They also share real-life examples and approaches of banks who are successfully navigating these issues, and explain how to devise a plan for your institution to effectively tackle these hurdles.

Topics covered include:

  • The top digital challenges in the banking industry today and key takeaways to implement at your financial institution;
  • Up-to-date information and trends on mega-banks, challenger banks and fintech competition;
  • Tips to optimize the customer lifecycle from end to end, while also providing a seamless digital-first experience for all stakeholders; and
  • How to develop a holistic data backup and recovery strategy to ensure you can conduct digital banking without disruption and remain compliant.

In this webinar, Phillip Maurer, Regional Vice President at nCino, shares his knowledge and expertise working closely alongside financial institutions large and small as they embark on their digital transformation, as well as industry trends that indicate the growing need for digital capabilities in financial institutions of all kinds.

“Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s obvious that clients across the spectrum have the same appetite, demand and willingness for digital capabilities.”

To hear more from Phillip and other industry experts on how to handle digital challenges in the banking industry, download the on-demand webinar “Digital Without Disruption: Strategies to Handle Today’s Top Banking Challenges” now.

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