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Digital is More than Front-End Banking
September 27, 2022

Today’s customers want to bank anywhere, at any time, on any device. Experiences with businesses outside the financial services industry, such as Google, Amazon and other technology providers, are driving these expectations with seamless interactions, personalized recommendations and high-tech services. And who can blame them? It’s hard to wait 30 days for a loan approval when you can get your groceries delivered in less than an hour.

To compete and win, today’s banks and credit unions must become the financial institutions of tomorrow by building a truly holistic banking experience. This requires more than simply installing a flashy, new front end. Successful transformation includes the whole institution, including middle- and back-end technology.

Internal and External Enhancement Drives Transformation

To meet customer expectations and enable deep relationship building, your institution’s middle- and back-end technology must be robust and unified. An end-to-end platform such as nCino enables FIs to increase customer visibility across lines of business, create customer-centric experiences and remove siloed systems from the organization.

When undergoing a digital transformation, keep these four staples for success in mind:

  • Digital needs to be in your FI’s DNA.
  • Having accessible data is great, making use of it in scalable ways is even better.
  • Speed + Transparency = Success
  • Security should be a top priority.

The End-to-End Experience

Digital transformation isn’t always easy, but it is necessary. Success depends on changing the organizational mindset to increase buy-in, implementing the right middle- and back-office technology with the right partner and understanding how it all impacts the customer-facing side of the banking experience.

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