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CoBank Wins nCino’s Financial Services Impact Award for Reputation
June 10, 2021

And the winner of nCino’s Inaugural Financial Services Impact Award for Reputation is… CoBank!

We are proud to share that CoBank was awarded with nCino’s Financial Services Impact Award for their use of the nCino Bank Operating System to positively influence the global financial services industry.

CoBank is one of the largest providers of credit to the rural economy through the US Farm Credit System, and the first bank in the Farm Credit System to undergo a complete digital transformation using the nCino platform. With nCino, CoBank phased out its legacy systems, enabling the institution to more efficiently meet market needs and improve the client and employee experience.

“Through working with nCino and with the launch of our Customer and Deal Management platform, CoBank has been able to digitally transform financial services and work towards streamlining credit delivery.” – Andrew Jacob, Chief Operating Officer, CoBank

In addition to better data quality and reduced manual entry points throughout the end-to-end deal delivery process, nCino gives the organization an opportunity to further optimize their operating environment and customer experience with future integrations and system replacements.

The launch of nCino has been a major enabler for the bank, adding efficiency to portfolio management activities through increased end-to-end transparency, automated workflow and notifications, higher quality and reliability of data, dynamic on demand reporting capabilities and self-service capabilities.

CoBank will continue their pursuit to reduce downstream manual processes and existing data validations on back-end systems with continuous investment and refinement of nCino. In addition, nCino will enable CoBank’s ability to enhance the Farm Credit System partnership with future portal capabilities. CoBank with nCino shows the power of digital transformation on the ability to serve customers better while supporting a strong market reputation.

To learn more about CoBank’s digital transformation and their Financial Services Impact Award, download the case study “CoBank: Digital Transformation with nCino” now.

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