Customer Story
How KeyBank Became a Leader in Digital Banking
January 27, 2021

With 1,100+ branches in 15 states, KeyBank is the 13th largest bank in the U.S., providing a wide range of services including retail banking, investment banking and corporate banking products. When executives at KeyBank began noticing major changes within the financial services industry, they started searching for an end-to-end digital platform that would allow for a quick and seamless adoption while maintaining customer satisfaction. The institution needed to act fast to accommodate customer demands and competition from new and existing enterprises. KeyBank found their solution in nCino; a system that combines a wealth of best-of-breed features with immediate and long-lasting results.

The Challenge

Prior to adopting nCino’s Bank Operating System®, KeyBank faced many challenges within their commercial lending and business banking processes. They were overrun with highly manual processes, making it difficult to share information across systems and between business unit silos.

To solve these issues, KeyBank sought an end-to-end system that would:

  • Enable better, faster customer service
  • Streamline and automate repetitive processes
  • Enhance transparency and visibility into the customer relationship
  • Provide customers with a user-friendly online poral to collect documents and information electronically and in real-time
  • Allow business units and functions to work collaboratively together and break down silos
  • Support KeyBank’s goal of developing a future ready workforce

The Solution

nCino’s Bank Operating System addressed these challenges directly. Its configurable workflow and tracking tools reduced operational bottlenecks and minimized loan cycle times. This resulted in quicker, more accurate loan decisions and the ability to support a higher volume of applications.

The nCino Bank Operating system provides:

  • Faster cycle times
  • Real-time reporting and portfolio management
  • A transparent, 360-degree customer view
  • A configurable, scalable platform
  • Integration excellence
  • Efficient regulatory exams


KeyBank went live with nCino in February 2016, deploying first in its Treasury management business lines. Since then, KeyBank has successfully implemented two subsequent releases, adopting nCino for commercial lending and business banking. Relying heavily on its strategic implementation partner at first, KeyBank’s development operations group has since successfully configured several new capabilities, including Document Manager and Credit Memo, gaining confidence and skills with each subsequent release.

The Results

“nCino has helped us to reengineer our credit processes. We’re able to respond faster. We’re able to make it easier for our clients to do their annual renewals. We’re able to let the client see the status of their loan, which is a stressful time for a consumer or commercial client. All of those things are making it easier for our customers to access information. At the same time nCino is making us more efficient, and we pass that efficiency on to our clients.” – Amy Brady, Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President

KeyBank’s digital transformation journey has just begun. Learn more about their implementation of the nCino Bank Operating System and the results they have experienced by downloading our KeyBank case study now.

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