A Season of Change: Digital Transformation in Farm Credit
April 29, 2021
Today’s Farm Credit System lenders face a number of crucial challenges. From evolving customer expectations and growing competition to aging legacy technology and an uncertain economic climate, agricultural lenders must innovate quickly to generate growth and become more efficient and effective in serving their customers for the coming decade.
In the webinar “A Season of Change: Digital Transformation in Farm Credit,” Judy Slimm, Regional Vice President of Farm Credit at nCino and Jennifer Roths Boerema, Director and nCino Practice Senior Leader at West Monroe, discussed the tremendous challenges the Farm Credit System has faced as a result of the pandemic, and how automated technology can enable the system to quickly adapt to the changing landscape of the industry and customer expectations.
During the webinar, Judy and Jennifer had an insightful discussion propelled by a series of questions, including:
  • What impact did the radical changes of 2020 have on nCino?
  • What are some of the leading practices that customers should think about before beginning these implementations?
  • How has strategic vision driven deployments and priorities in scope?
  • How can institutions ensure they have the right processes and policies in place to make sure they are effectively leveraging the nCino environment?
  • What is the number one piece of advice for a Farm Credit just starting their digital transformation journey?

Jen focused on discussing the leading practices customers should have in place before embarking on their digital transformation journey, putting emphasis on creating a roadmap to follow throughout implementation. She also discussed how institutions can best leverage the nCino platform to adapt to changing customer needs and expectations.

“It is really critical to understand what that roadmap of 12-36 months looks like, and to communicate that effectively and with positive intent. The end results will eventually be there, but it might take a little bit of work to get there. If everyone is in alignment and understanding, it usually ends much more successfully.” –Jennifer Roths Boerema, Director and nCino Practice Senior Leader, West Monroe

Judy devoted her time to discussing the different approaches to digital transformations, from full scope transformations of large systems such as loan origination, to micro-transformations of one specific aspect of the business.She also delved into the positive impact nCino has had on the Farm Credit System.

“As many of you know, deployments of loan origination platforms such as nCino can be massive—a multi-year engagement. Or, we can pursue micro-transformations and focus on one aspect of your business instead of trying to automate everything at once.” –Judy Slimm, Regional Vice President of Farm Credit, nCino
To listen to the entire conversation, download the on-demand webinar now.
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