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The decision to evaluate, select and implement a commercial loan origination system (CLOS) is a big one for a financial institution, potentially enabling it to leapfrog its competition and truly transform its commercial lending processes for its borrowers and employees.

Over the course of three reports in this complimentary series, Cornerstone Advisors identifies the four critical factors for a successful evaluation and selection process, explains how to define objectives and target metrics for the new system, and shares seven common pitfalls of a CLOS implementation and how to avoid them. With the help of these in-depth reports, financial institutions will be able to evaluate, select and implement a commercial loan origination system that improves the user experience and differentiates the institution's competitive positioning.

Part One: Evaluating Commercial Loan Origination Systems: Defining Performance Drivers and Financial Impacts

Part Two: Selecting an End-to-End Commercial Loan Origination System: A Proactive Approach Drives Superior Results

Part Three: Implementing a Commercial Loan Origination System: Seven Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

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“The experience an organization wants for its customers should be a key factor in deciding which initiatives and transformations best align with the organization's strategic roadmap.”

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