An Unprecedented Approach to Managing Construction Lending

nCino's Construction Loan Administration solution

Digitally Transform Construction Loan Management

Reduce time to funding a requested draw
Painless document collection process
Gain transparency with real-time reports and dashboards
Collaborate on a single, digital platform

Construction lending, whether to small or large entities, requires detailed budget tracking, inspection tracking, post-loan approvals of draw requests and disbursement processes. Rather than reverting to separate systems to operate across different business lines, nCino's Construction Loan Administration enables financial institutions (FIs) to manage their construction lending portfolios on a single, transparent platform. nCino removes the need to manually re-enter data in a secondary system while allowing FIs to create budget templates and manage the budget without ever leaving the platform. Through a robust draws and disbursements feature, inspections and approvals are incorporated right into the workflow, allowing the FIs to request, approve and track a budget draw throughout its lifecycle. By embedding Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Document Manager into the Construction Loan Administration solution, nCino enables lenders to analyze property performance while eliminating the need for manual paper collection, resulting in a complete construction loan management system.

Gain Visibility, Mitigate Risk and Simplify Construction Lending

Screen of the nCino Bank Operating System
Budget Templates

Ability to create templates with multiple budget line items that pre-populate in the construction loan.

Budget Administration

Build out a budget of line items and dollar amounts and tailor budget and associated line items on a loan-by-loan basis.

Draws & Disbursements

Request, approve and track a budget draw through a loan's lifecycle, for a single or multiple line items.

Inspection Manager

nCino's central inspection repository, eliminating manual paper collection, streamlining workflow and automating uploads of inspection documents.

Document Manager

A configurable, integrated digital document repository allowing instant access to any document, based on an institution's policies.

Commercial Real Estate Analysis

Allows employees to evaluate commercial real estate that customers own or are considering purchasing to analyze property performance.

360° View with CRM

A complete view of the customer, while eliminating re-keying of customer information and offering seamless workflow into all facets of the lending process.

Reports and Dashboards

Gain real-time visibility into bottlenecks and display important customer data in aggregate.

"Moving to nCino supports our mission to automate manual processes across the institution, freeing our employees to focus on more strategic activities."
David Weed, Assistant Vice President of Business Services at Service Credit Union

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