The Cambrian Explosion

The Dawning of a New Era in Banking

The modern American banking industry has been in a constant state of evolution since it was first forged in the Civil War's fire more than a century ago. But constant doesn't mean steady.

This study offers an exploration, informed by history and insights from many of America's most celebrated bankers, about how the banking industry arrived at our current moment, and where it's likely to go from here. It is an engaging and invaluable resource for those who want to remain at the forefront of our new era in banking.

“The modern American banking industry has entered a new era — its fourth era. It's an era of tight margins, evaporating external growth opportunities and customers who have become acclimated to conducting their affairs digitally. The banks that embrace these realities will be those that continue to grow and create value for their customers, employees and shareholders.”

~ From The Cambrian Explosion

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