Our Logo

As the symbol and visual representation of nCino the logo needs to be represented consistently and always in the following approved version.


Logo Spacing

Our primary logo is a horizontal lockup of our brandmark and logotype. To ensure the logo stands on its own, please leave at least one "i"s worth of space around it, measured from the extent of the logotype. The bars logo should only be used if there are space constraints or if the design calls for it. Please submit to Marketing for approval if questionable.

Logo Colors

Use these alternate logos on dark backgrounds, or for one color printing. Please default to our primary logo (above) before choosing an alternate logo.

Full color on white background
Full color on dark background
Dark on white (only use for one-color printing, never on the web)
White on dark (only use for one-color printing, never on the web)

nCino Colors

The nCino color palette is made up of the four primary colors in the nCino logo bars. These colors should never be altered to match other designs. Instead, other designs should match the nCino colors. Please use the provided colors codes when working with the nCino colors. The gradient should only be featured on the nCino bars, if there is an instance where a gradient is needed please consult Marketing.

nCino Typography

The nCino Font Palette includes three fonts, Calibri which is our standard font for Microsoft Office and all nCino emails, documents, etc, and two custom nCino fonts, Amasis and Avenir, used by Marketing on the website, white papers, etc, and by Development in the nCino product. Since most people outside of nCino do not have these custom fonts they are only used in static documents that are not meant to be edited such as PDF's. If you are interested in learning more about how and when to use the nCino custom fonts please contact Marketing, otherwise please ensure the Calibri Font is set as your default font on Microsoft Office.

For additional questions, please contact press@ncino.com