nCino Ranked #1 Commercial Loan Origination System


The nCino Bank Operating System received the highest marks among commercial loan origination (CLO) vendors evaluated by Aite Group in the analyst firm's October 2017 report, Commercial Loan Origination: Scoping the Market and Comparing the Vendors. Securing the coveted most upper-right dot in Aite Group's Aite Matrix (AIM) model, nCino is touted for its strong performance in the following categories:

  • Vendor Stability
  • Client Strength
  • Product Features
  • Client Service

Complete the form below to download the full Aite report and explore the key trends within the global CLO market and learn why nCino is also the winner of Aite’s Black Turtleneck Award, suggesting a resemblance to Apple for how its Bank Operating System can “delight customers, deliver an excellent user experience, and put complacent incumbents on notice that their business is no longer secure.”

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"nCino's ability to continuously replace banks' long-standing incumbent's technology makes this cloud-based platform a true disrupter in the industry."

David O'Connell, senior analyst at Aite Group