nCino Named the #1 CLOS. Again.

nCino Once Again Named Leading Commercial Loan Origination System by Aite Group

nCino has again been recognized as the top vendor by Aite Group in the analyst firm's 2019 report "Commercial Loan Origination: Sharpening the Tip of the Spear." In addition to the top position in the overall evaluation, Aite selected nCino for "The World Traveler Award" for its global expansion, "which has resulted in an installed base that is enviably geographically diversified." This marks the second consecutive time nCino has received the highest ranking in Aite Group's Matrix.


Target graphic showing nCino as 'Best in Class' for Vendor Strength and Product Performance, leading all other competitors



“ More financial institutions are embracing automation of CLO as a route to processes that are more efficient, supportive of scale, and able to deliver fast loan-application turnaround times and provide an overall better borrower experience. nCino is being increasingly embraced in the market due to the company's enterprise-wide approach under which it is the position of choice for both commercial and business lending, enabling a single platform for employees to learn and a consolidated view of a borrowing relationship, one that encompasses all debt related to a business and its principals. ”

David O'Connell, senior analyst with Aite Group's Wholesale Banking team



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